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Canon 5D Mark III Wishlist

Canon 5D Mark III Wishlist

Rye’s Canon Wishlist

So we’ve all wished for that perfect camera, most of us do well with the equipment we have but it’s always fun to dream for features to have in their dream camera at their dream cost of course. My current weapon of choice is the Canon EOS 5d MarkII, I’m pictured above with my first camera a Rebel XT(aka 350D).

The 5D MarkII is a 21.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor with Full HD 1080 resolution movie recording and shoots at 3.9 frames per second. It has an ISO range of 50 to 25,600 along with 9 AF points + 6 Assist AF points. Full feature list can be see on DP Reviews Site. There really isn’t much I would change, its a solid camera when it comes to features and also gives me the ability to shoot really high quality video with the L glasss I already have.

Now onto my Wishlist.

  1. Megapixels: Right now it’s perfect, maybe a little bit too much for my processor to handle but I wouldn’t want the 5D Mark III to be more than 21.1MP. Canon will probably push it to 28+ but hey remember I’m dreaming.
  2. AF System: So they popped in the MarkII the same AF system as the first 5D, I couldn’t figure out why they would not improve on it but hey, its a logical step for them to at least implement the 7D/1D auto focusing system into the new 5D.
  3. Better AF tracking for Video Recording: The 5D was their first camera to implement HD video recording so there is still a lot of improvement they can do on the video end of it. I’m still new to video so I’m not familiar with the technicalities and what a real video camera is capable of doing but better AF tracking would be my priority right now.
  4. RAW Video shooting: Just like how the RED cameras record 😉
  5. Exposure Auto Bracketing: Currently we can take 3 bracketed shots at a time. I shoot a lot of HDRi images and +2,0,+2 isn’t a lot of highlight and shadow detail to really pull off a proper HDRi photo. Would love to have at least 5 shots at a time but preferably up to 9.
  6. ON/OFF Button Placement: Another logical change would be for Canon to move the ON/OFF button to the top just like how they have it on the 7D and newer cameras. It’s an easy button to mistakenly hit every now and then while shooting and I’m wondering why my aperture and shutter settings won’t adjust.
  7. Easy Wireless: As seen in the new Canon Rebel T3i / EOS 600D that was announced February 7th, 2011. This feature would be ideal for off camera flash photography #Strobists. It’s a feature that has been in Nikon for years So we finally get a taste of in-camera wireless without the use of Pocket Wizards or other transmitters.
  8. Dynamic Range: I don’t want more pixels, i want BETTER pixels. The current MarkII does pretty well but I would love to see an increase in stops of dynamic range.

That’s about it, most of the features should be seen in the MarkIII so I’m really easy to please. A price point of USD$2,500 would be just about right.


Well it’s finally here, check it out here


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