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Best Free and Paid IPad Apps

Best Free and Paid IPad Apps

Here’s a blog post from my other blog that I have decided to merge together with this one. (hard to maintain multiple blogs/websites/social networks without losing your nannerz) It was from the Black Friday weekend.

The apple app store also promoted Black Friday sales for a lot of their premium apps and games. I purchased much more than expected, they had apps that usually go for $6.99 and up selling for just 99 cents. I tried to purchase apps I figured I would need eventually and it gave me some freedom to try out more than one type of app to select which one suited my needs better. I stocked up on iTunes gift cards and here are my favorites. I’ll also include free apps at are must haves.

Social Networking

Friendly right now is the best client for facebook, only thing better would be to use Safari to view it but most people love the flexibility of having a dedicated app.

There are many choices and the Twitter for IPad is an excellent free app, slide down your timeline to refresh and nice layout to match. Tweetdeck is also another nice client you can try for free, I personally use tweet deck on my PC.
Twitterific is my default Twitter app right now, love the layout in landscape mode and has most of the features medium level Twitter users can appreciate. Another one to check out is twit bird.

Ditch that old school browser that comes with the Ipad and check out one of these bad boys
Icab Mobile and Atomic Web are much more advanced than Safari, they both have tabbed browsing and enough features to pressure the available memory on your IPad. Personally I love the look of Icab but Atomic Web have various gestures you can use to navigate while you surf. Shake it to open a new tab and two finger shortcuts to switch between tabs.

IBooks that comes free with the Ipad is a pretty basic reader that can read PDF and ebook formats. If you just want to read books it’s perfectly suited for you. Slide your fingers across to goto the next page is a feature most of these EBook readers have.
GoodReader is my bookworm weapon of choice. Offers more features, you can highlight anywhere and add annotations anywhere and everywhere and save it separately to another PDF file. Also another useful feature is the ability to attach documents when your sending out emails as the only way you can currently attach files would be to go into pictures and send to email.
Kindle is also free and a must have as you can browse the entire ebook selection available to Amazon/Kindle users.

2Do has a beautiful interface and layout. Makes me want to check my schedule multiple times per hour. For my use (photography) it does all I need. I can plan my schedules, set checklists and attach pictures and actions to different events.

Now I may have gotten carried away with games but I have a page filled with just games #gamehead.
Plants vs Aliens, I got my intro to this at the Apple Store and it’s super addictive, anytime your stuck waiting just play a couple rounds and watch time fly.

Angry Birds is another awesomely addicting time waster, easy to play, nice sound effects and tons of levels to mess around with keeps you playing this one over and over.

Prices, more apps and direct links to Itunes store to check out screen shots,h reviews and links to buy coming soon on my next update.


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