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Caneile’s Rockstar Shoot

Caneile’s Rockstar Shoot

Here’s a shoot that myself and Caneile have been planning for some time. Model, Makeup and Outfit by Caneile! Talented Chica. We had some set backs with some of the props for the shoot but we ended up having a rocking shoot! Hope you like the tattoos, Caneile’s skin pretty like a coloring book (aha aha we nuh play enuh) =)

Tech Stuff:
Canon 5D MarkII with the EF 35mm f/1.4L and B+W Polarizer. For most of the shots the setup was a Beauty Dish as the main light to the right of me, Silver umbrella further back for fill to my left and bare bulb for rim light behind Caneile hiding behind the cactus.

Here’s an unedited Behind the Scenes pic, Catwalk Style. From this angle, Silver umbrella behind Caneile slightly to the right, Bare bulb far right and Beauty Dish to the left of her.

We did a quick setup by another location closeby. Used my trusty speedlite this time in High Sync Speed so i could shoot at f/2. Got in some good shots before the mosquitoes started to munch on us.

Here’s the Video for the Shoot, shot and edited by myself. To date this is my favorite video I’ve done. Tried to use walls and ledges to keep the camera steady for certain shots and tried to match the music and video together more. It captures Caneile as she puts on her makeup, does a little dance and starts off the shoot. Lighting Setup can be seen at the end of the video #Strobists. Recommended at 720P for best viewing pleasure 😀


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Marlon Chin - 20. Mar, 2011 - Reply

Caniele is a ROCKSTAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great video and shoot Rye……….maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad 🙂

Gregory Campbell - 20. Mar, 2011 - Reply

The black n white one look hot (liiterally)
Good work by you two.

JS - 01. May, 2011 - Reply

Hey thanks for the valuble information and tips in regards to photography, im only learning but am looking to try and become semi professional at it. i also have a blog you and your readers may be interested in.Thanks
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