Robin’s Bay Hike to Kwame Falls

Robin’s Bay Hike to Kwame Falls

So recently our Flickr Family here in Jamaica decided to host our own Photographers Endurance test. As I type this I can feel TigerBlood running through the veins of my feet. What was quoted as being a 45 minute Hike one way to the waterfalls of Robin’s Bay ended up becoming a 5 1/2 Hour Hike for completion. On a level of difficulty, Blue Mountain was rated as a 10 on the Richter scale and this Robin’s Bay trip a mere 3.0 which I think was upgraded to a 5.0 by the Flickr Association of Jamaica.

So I didn’t get as much Still Images this time around, was mostly trying to work on my Video Skills and experimenting some more.

By the time we got to Kwame/Tacky Falls it was around midday and the sun wasnt giving us any breaks with getting a decent exposure for this waterfall shot. I waited for a bit for it to go down, just while everyone started to leave and shot an HDRi for this shot. 3 Exposure bracketed shot from -2, 0, +2. I recovered the details in the leaves but still no proper blue sky details.

Here’s one of the group shots taken by Joel Finnigen

Also note this was the first time in Flickr History that no photos were taken on the trip/walk/hike back to the bus. All except for one “money shot” by Robert but he was on something else that we all weren’t given.

Video Info:
The video was shot with the Canon 5D Markii and the EF 14mm f/2.8LII for the wide shots and the EF 85mm f/1.2L II for the confessionals. Tripod I used was the Velbon DF-50, upgrading to a Manfrotto one day.

So this video took me a while to complete, had so much footage and so much different ways to edit it. I went with a more movie type feel for it rather than documentary or photo journalistic approach so you’ll hear a lot of different movie genre music for the soundtrack. We’ll have action, suspense, horror at the end and some creature noises also in between. I’ve learned a lot more about Premiere, editing this video than any other project I’ve done so far. Added some opening and ending text as well, I figured since its my first video (with text) I’m allowed the cheesy text at least once. Looks pretty cool though so enjoy!

Only thing I wish I got was some more scenes of us struggling back to the bus but taking out the camera was the last thing on my mind. So whatcha think?


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Marlon Chin - 13. Apr, 2011 - Reply

Love the photos and the documentary of the Robins Bay Chronicles.
It was indeed a fitness test for the Flickr Jamaica Family…………..had I known that it took 5+ hours hike I would just stay in the bus LOL. The scenery to and from the Falls is just something to experience.

audrey headley - 13. Apr, 2011 - Reply

love it, I really miss out on this one again!


Warren Barrett - 13. Apr, 2011 - Reply

Very nice! I only wish it were a bit longer. However, i got to see a feature of my lovely country that i love so much. Plus I saw the great Charlene walk with a big stick and cuss some claat…priceless!!

Jamaipanese - 14. Apr, 2011 - Reply

awesome video Ryan, it was quite an experienced, captured very well, Lets do it again!

David E - 14. Apr, 2011 - Reply

Wow, love the video quality from the 5D Mark 2.

owen - 15. Apr, 2011 - Reply

the fisheye on that video nearly made me sick 🙁

Vicky - 19. Apr, 2011 - Reply

Ryan, That waterfall looks amazing, never been there.. maybe next time.

All the best!


Michael - 27. Apr, 2011 - Reply

Love seeing this video, been visiting these falls over 30 years. Nuff respect to those who made the journey and sharing their images!

David Longmore - 30. Apr, 2011 - Reply

Nice video, like how you captured every scene perfectly and music balanced it good as well.