Morant Point Lighthouse Flickr Trip

Morant Point Lighthouse Flickr Trip

Morant Point Lighthouse, the eastern most point of mainland Jamaica was our next destination for our monthly Landscape Flickr adventures. We traveled light on this outing to the tune of about 30 photographers to our usual 60+ and a nod for flickr history as we left on time and also got back into Kingston with the sun still up (hand claps, yay!).

It was smooth sailing up until we encountered the bumpy/pot hole filled roads. We even got a police escort through the cane fields that lead to the Lighthouse and that’s where the roads got even worse, felt at times that we were on a Safari Tour.

Here is an excerpt from the Jamaica National Heritage Trust Website

The Morant Point Lighthouse built in 1841 is listed by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust as a National Monument. It is the oldest lighthouse in the island. Built of cast iron tube, cast in London it is 100 feet long with a diameter of 5 feet at the base, and 3 feet at the cap. It is located in the most easterly point of the Island. The labour used in erecting the Lighthouse was supplied by kru-men from Africa. They were among the free Africans who were brought to Jamaica.

Nerd Info
My gear for today’s trip would be the Canon 5D Markii with the EF 35mm f/1.4L with a B+W 72 mm Kaeseman Circular Polarizer attached to shoot video and the Original 5D with the EF 14mm f/2.8LII to shoot Landscape.

Here are some of the crew just flexing those camera (Canon I hope) muscles into a good warm up routine.

The lighthouse has a diameter of 5m at the bottom and 3m at the top and here is a view looking 100ft down, you can see the bus we came with and also the other vehicles below.
View from ontop the Lighthouse
Here is a shot of what the inside of the old lighthouse looks like, using the 14mm to capture since it was since a small/tight space
Inside the Lighthouse
After our visit to the lighthouse we went walking by the Duckenfield Sugar Factory in St Thomas through the cane fields, with some members in search of crocodiles (Crocodile Hunters?).

Now below is the ideal mode of transport for these type of roads, next trip i suggest we roll out in a couple of these bad boys.
Here are some cool kids (nephews) just chillin out.
kids relaxing on the porch
Curry Goat anyone?

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it

We made a couple more stops before a quick lunch/dinner pan chicken stop in one of the smaller towns. I need to visit this location again for some long exposures and also some sunset shots.
Landscape Photograph or Rocks, Ocean and Sky
Watch your step! Ouch!

Tried out a new PP technique that Marc taught me on the Flickr Trip for this image below. I pulled the exposure back to avoid highlight clipping from the sky and increased brightness to compensate with some fill light also. Not bad for a one exposure shot with the sun’s presence high in the framing, preserved just the right amount of highlight details in the clouds. Also check out Marc’s Website here Marc Evans Images.

Here is the video I shot for the trip. Just an insight of the overall atmosphere and I climbed the lighthouse just for my blog viewers! I grew a pair just thinking of my blog lol. Next videos I’ll put up with interviews and commentary just to complete it and give it a more documentary feel. Steady cam needed and some more tripod work as well. Wanted a spooky score for the mini flick but settled for some Chris Breezy instead. Lemme know what you think!

Recommended as always please view at the 720P setting

Most of the actual landscape images I shots I bracketed for HDRi Photography for my Photoshop Tutorials coming up soon so stay tuned. Also have a look on my first post entitled HDRi Photography Part 1: Preparation

Living in Jamaica? or coming to visit soon, please take a look at our group on Flickr One Love and join us on one of our monthly photography journeys through beautiful Jamaica.


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Marlon Chin - 28. Feb, 2011 - Reply

Wicked coverage Rye!!!!!!!!…………looking forward to seeing more of your videos and photos on the upcoming Flickr trips. Bless up!!!!!1

Gio - 28. Feb, 2011 - Reply

lol.. ending, weird…
2:30 nice transition +1

Karee - 28. Feb, 2011 - Reply

Neatness. You got some truly incredible shots… a fun vid too. Working on a post re this trip myself.

StunnerJ - 28. Feb, 2011 - Reply

Maaad vide yute! LOL!

Alicia P - 02. Mar, 2011 - Reply

Rye this looks sooo cool. The water looked like it was brewing something;p Also thought Robbie was gonna blow away lol Im really gonna try and be better with my Nikon and actually learn how to manipulate ALL the settings on it so we can go on a photo trip like this one jejejee

Neil - 02. Mar, 2011 - Reply

great post Ryan…nice footage too!

Tasz - 02. Mar, 2011 - Reply

awesome video loved it!

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