Bacchanal Jamaican Carnival 2012

Bacchanal Jamaican Carnival 2012

Carnival this year was kept on April 15, 2012 with the theme Future Shock. We saw a change of venue to the new Mas Camp aka National Stadium.

Still it was a little chaotic picking up costumes which I hope they’ll fix by some miracle and careful planning. It also meant that the road march route was changed slightly making it a longer march from previous years.

Every year now it seems tradition for the rain to start close to around the midway section when we rest to get food, which is great to cool down everyone and I always have my ziplock bag ready to keep my camera dry. I never walked all the way this year, stopped off at Truck Stop and Big Wall and ran for shelter as the rain started to pour down heavy around that side.

Check out the pictures I got from this years Carnival!! Click “View All Pictures” to see the album!

I reprocessed the entire album, so the images will look slightly different than the batch you see on facebook. Let me know what you think… like em better?

There are a lot of pictures and can take a long time for them all to load especially if your clicking to view one pic so instead..
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Bacchanal Jamaica 2012 Road March I
Bacchanal Jamaica 2012 Road March II
Bacchanal Jamaica 2012 Road March III


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