Quote from Sean-Andrew Bennett

Call him the Jamaican Gilles Bensimon, call him the crazy kid with a dream, call him whatever you want, you still can’t doubt the fact that he’s got talent!

With that innate sense of detail, impeccable self-taught skills and heightened appreciation of complex imagery it has made him famous. But it’s his heart and spirit of a hard-working human being that makes him approachable.

Don’t be fooled by the smile he gives you when you just meet him, he’s a killer with a camera and it can either shred you to bits or make you into a masterpiece. Artist, genius, professional, friend, Ryan Lue- Clarke encompasses all that there is to be in a world-class photographer.

Quote from Mark Cochrane Jackson

Quite simply, great photography! You instinctively know when you see something good.

As the title says, I’m impressed, especially by the landscapes. Some of the colours are surreal (in the original sense of the word), and almost trippy! Must get to Jamaica in this life! Keep up the good work…

Quote from Traci Wong

Ryan Lue-Clarke Photography is a phenomenon – one that will take over the world.

I was able to appreciate Ryan’s work through the world of deviantArt where I was simply amazed by the intensity of his subjects as he captured images and made them his own. Despite the countless photographers that contribute to the deviantArt family, Ryan’s work has stood out and spoken for itself.

Glancing through the vivid, crisp, refreshing plethora of colours and subjects, one can easily deduce that Ryan Lue-Clarke is a master at what he does. The artistic eye for expression, balance, tone and so many elements that make up his raw talent that he has honed into a skill – in a journey influenced only by his creativity and his love for what he does.

Finding the beauty in despondent settings and bringing them to life is a classic motif in his work and it never ceases to amaze me. He manipulates his surroundings so we can see what he sees in his mind’s eye, never failing to capture that shot. This is undoubtedly, a characteristic of a true artist – different in his medium, and method of capturing beautiful art for the future to see – but still with the creativity of the Pablo Picassos and the Claude Monets of years gone by. He is able to get that pure beauty of his surroundings and gives the world a taste of what Jamaica has to offer.

His style is not limited to anything. His extensive repertoire encompasses all walks of life, from looming macros to his appreciation for nature and the classic black and whites, enticing simple appreciators as myself to this world of photography. He also has the unique, dynamic concepts with that spontaneity that is Ryan Lue-Clarke and that simply cannot be copied. With this, he is able to capture refreshing shots which do more than pique one’s interest – it pulls one into a new world.

Let’s hope the world is ready for you Ryan. And even if it’s not, still. TEK IT TO DEM. Keep wowing us, it’s only a matter of time before the world knows your name.

Quote from GiGi Smith

My rapport with Rye Rye developed via myspace. I remember going by a friend of mine office and she had me view his page, I was immediately hooked.
I reached out to him to arrange a test shoot with me & was highly dubious. (you now know Rye Rye). I remembered I was sooooo nervous fearing he may not like my work, or my subject which was my sister. We met at Tiffany Lue Yen’s home. He met me with a smile and was very succinct in how he spoke to me.There and then I decided he was not impressed lol.
After having done my sisters makeup he came to the bathroom door and said one word “NICE”…I nearly fell to the ground!!!
He had approved :))…The shoot went really well, to the point where my sister made the observation “Ryan is here to stay”…In transit I asked her to relate to me how she deemed him and to this day I agree in entirety.
She expressed to me his mannerism, his passion, his drive and the willingness to extend himself so much to get the job done and to make sure both parties were pleased with the end result. She also highlighted oddly how we both had the uncanny ability to converse without being vocal. AND THAT IS WHY I LOVE TO WORK WITH HIM!!!!
He is understands and he knows how to be flexible and make you REALLY comfortable.I was a reluctant subject ever since we met and decided to take the plunge. You cannot imagine my disbelief when I saw my pictures!!!
Not only were they glamorous he made me feel sexy without being overt. Up to this day I am still being asked about my pictures.Ryan I really just want to express to you that not only are you one of my favourite persons in this entire world, you are special. I wish you only prosperity and the perseverance of that brilliant faculty of a mind.
And you should now consider FILMOGRAPHY.I love you…

Quote from Merrick Cousley

well I guess there is nothing much more to say after all these reviews…but bredrin you work SELL OFF!! I am sure its because of the passion for photography combined with superb talent and skill.

Quote from Mischion Murphy

When u hear of Ryan Lue-Clarke u think of an adroit being. Taken aback by his seemingly impeccable taste in photography and sense of adventure, his mind out mostly depicts his picture results…..absolutely wonderful!!!..
Imagination+Great skills= Phenomenal pictures.
Although i have yet to work with him…i have been graced with the opportunity to acquaint with him…..an in that….I’m appreciative.
affable,ambidextrous,and congenial is a portion of the words used to describe Ryan.
Ryan Lue-Clarke TO THE WORLD!!!